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Every kid deserves a chance to be picked first

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Every kid deserved a chance to be picked first.

First Pick Sports was created by two Behavior Analysts with a love for helping families, hanging out with kids, and sports! Many parents with special needs children often wonder what activities their child can participate in. FPS offers these families a chance to not only participate in an organized activity with peers, but also have the opportunity to learn and grow as a true athlete.

First Pick Sports offers camps and 1-time workshops for its athletes and travels throughout cities in Michigan.

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Create New Behaviors

Unlock new behaviors, create habits and routines, socialize, learn to accept loss, grow, and become stronger!

Sports and Autism?

There are countless benefits to organized sports.  From exercise and discipline, to social skills and leadership, sports can unlock powerful and permanent behavioral changes in our kids. 

Typically, children with autism or special needs would never get the opportunity to play organized sports, and therefore, never learn the positive behaviors associated with it.  We’re here to change that.    

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Behavioral Benefits of Sports


Healthy activities

Children with autism and special needs often struggle to exercise.  Teaching organized sports provides a healthy platform to achieve better physical health.


Fine and gross motor development

Sports provide countless opportunities to teach both fine and gross motor behaviors.  Using the science of ABA, we break down sports into easy to learn motor movements .


Social skills

Children with autism usually struggle with social skills. Being part of a team and using an evidenced-based curriculum, we can help teach lasting social skills to help improve social interactions with both peers and adults 



Learning a sport can drastically improve self-confidence, and even more, that self-confidence follows the learner both on and off the field. 



Being part of a team and playing with others towards a shared goal can help create lasting friendships!   


Learning to lose

Many people struggle with losing and accepting defeat, especially children with autism. This is a learned behavior, and something that we specialize in teaching 



Playing a sport requires physical exercise, practice, and following rules. It’s one of the best known ways to create behavioral discipline, all while having fun!


Team work

Being part of a team is an incredible experience and something that we often take for granted.  Children with autism rarely get to experience teamwork or the benefits that come with it.  We’re thrilled to do our part to change that.